Graphic of a certificate showing that Ovation Performing Arts Studio was selected as the best dance studio in DeKalb County

November Studio Rules
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Zoom will still be available to those families wanting to take classes from home. For more information, call (815) 991-5937

Letter to Families

Letter to Families

Wedding Dance Lessons
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Dance at Your Wedding

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Carolyn McCarthy with 2018 Senior Ultimate Title

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Carolyn McCarthy for being crowned the 2018 Senior Ultimate Title winner at CRU Dance Competition.

Celebrate Your Birthday With Us

Congrats to our company members that took part in our performance of "Atlas" in Dance Slam 2016

This was purely based on audience scores. We are very proud of our dancers and their hard work!

Photo of dancers

Immerse yourself in the arts. Come escape into a world of your own and share your sentiment for the arts with others. Our mission is to keep our students involved in the world of passion and creativity, while teaching them skills that they will be able to use inside and outside of performing arts and dance studios.

Ovation Performing Arts Studio is located in Sycamore, Illinois and offers lessons in voice, dance, and theater.

"Applause is memorable, but a standing ovation is unforgettable."